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Sarah Anne Rocks Track West Coast Tasmania - Arthur River Four Wheel Drive


The 4WD track at Sarah Anne Rocks Sarah Anne Rocks offers 4WD enthusiasts the chance of taking a side trip towards the coast when travelling north or south on the Temma Road, near Smithon Tasmania. If travelling in a four wheel drive vehicle heading from Arthur River to Corinna, it is recommended you consider side trips such as this one and discover just how beautiful this area is, and how harsh life can be for Tasmania’s northwest coast fishermen.
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Track difficulty


  • Medium

Track Distance

  • App. 2 kilometres

Track Duration - App.

  • 10 minutes


  • Tasmap: 1:100000 - Nelson Bay


  • 1:25,000 Sundown


  • Off road vehicle permit required


  • Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area (APCA) is a national park, howeverentry fees do not apply. Permits are required to drive off-road.

What You Need

  • Warm clothing, wet weather gear.

Nearest Camping Location

Nearest Major Town

  • Smithton


  • Carry warm clothing and wet weather gear as the weather on the coast can become windy, cold and wet without much notice. Check weather and road conditions before heading south and out towards the coast from Arthur River.

Recommended 4WD itinerary:

  1. App. 13 kilometres south of Arthur River you will find the turn off to Sarah Anne Rocks. The turn off is 2.5 kilometres south of Sundown Point junction and 2 ks north of the turn off to Couta Rocks.

  2. After 1.5 kilometres, iIn front of the small number of shacks in the area, you will find access to a beach. Continue along the beach and turn up bank between shacks.

  3. Travel a further 250 metres and turn right; Sarah Anne Rocks will be visible at this time.


Visitors are strongly advised to contact the Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania Arthur River Office prior to visiting for advice on local conditions and requirements when off roading in this area. Visitors should call into the PWS office at Arthur River and obtain their off-road permits and camping permits if you plan to camp.

Arthur River Field Office

c/o PWS Smithton Office
PO Box 715
Smithton 7330 TAS
Phone: (03) 6457 1225
Fax: (03) 6457 1277

Four wheel driving is a popular activity in the reserve and is also one of the most
significant threats to the reserve’s cultural and natural values. Impacts on significant
cultural, geoconservation, flora and fauna values are extensive throughout the area.
There are concerns about the extent of the track network as well as the scale of land
degradation at some sites. The coastal parts of the reserve are most heavily impacted
by off-road vehicle.

Please respect the environment so that other off road and four wheel drive enthusiasts can continue to enjoy this area into the future.

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Sarah Anne Rocks 4WD Track is located within the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area and is a popular detination for adventurers and locals alike. THe coasltal location of Sarah Anne Rocks is exposed to the harsh elements that can batter this part of the West Coast of Tasmania. There are a handful of shacks at Sarah Anne Rocks here as well as a beautiful beach. There is a very scenic 2 kilometre coastal walk from Sarah Anne Rocks to Couta Rocks, and from Couta Rocks, a road continues a short distance along the coast toward Temma.

sarah anne rocks 4wd
Sarah Anne Rocks 4WD Track Arthur River
Please Note:

To obtain a permit or information on road/track conditions, please contact the ranger station at Arthur River or phone Parks and Wildlife Service, Arthur River on: (03) 6457 1225.
Parks & Wildlife Service, Tasmania

In this area:
  • Camping
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Bushwalking
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