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Oonah Hill 4wd Track

Oonah Hill 4WD Track Zeehan

Oonah Hill Four Wheel Drive Track

Recommended 4WD itinerary Oonah Hill

Leave the centre of Zeehan and head North West along the main road heading towards Granville Harbour. Turn left on the C248 into Trial Harbour Road after app. 1 kilometre. After a further 4 kilometres, turn right into the Oonah Hill Track.

After a total of 5.5 kilometres from Zeehan, you will find a viewing area. A little further up the road, you will come across another viewing area. After a further 700 metres from the second viewing area, turn left where the track heads down the hill. A further 1.5 kilometres along the track you come will to a junction with the Granville Harbour Road, where ou should turn right. Trial Harbour Road enters from the right.

Oonah Hill Track information

This is only a short track which takes you over Oonah Hill above the small West Coast town of Zeehan. You will enjoy excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

Track Details Oonah Hill 4WD

Oonah Hill four wheel drive track is approx 10.5 km long track and will only take you app. 20 minutes to complete. The difficulty level of this track is medium; no permit is required.There are several bush campsites available offering great views over Zeehan.



This is a relatively easy track, However, we always recommend you are accompanied by another vehicle at least and carry recovery gear.

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  • Difficulty – Hard
  • Permit Req’d – YES
  • Distance – app. 18 kms
  • Time – 2-3 hours
  • Carry – Recovery Gear
  • Travel Alone – NO

The Oonah Track is located directly adjacent to the town of Zeehan and approximately 30km north of Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania. Zeehan is accessed from
the north of the state of Tasmania via the Zeehan Hwy off the Murchison Hwy. Access Oonah Hill from Zeehan township is via Heemskirk Rd and various unsealed public roads.

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