Long Marsh Dam 4WD Track

long marsh dam 4WD track

Long Marsh Dam 4WD Track

Long Marsh Dam has a rich history as it was the site where local landowners had planned to use convict labour somewhere around the early 1840’s. However, a government decree in 1844 stated that convicts had to be paid for their labour by the landowner, however, they refused and the convicts walked off the job meaning the project was never finished. An important part of this four-wheel drive trip is a walk into Long Marsh Dam, which isn't easy but is rewarding. Please prepare with good walking equipment. The Long Marsh Dam and Convict Probation Station are located on the upper Macquarie River, app.13 kilometres south of Lake Leake and north of Tooms Lake.

Track Details

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Start of the Long Marsh Dam 4WD track is the same as the M Roads Trip.

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This track is considered easy, and is only 5 kilometres in length. The last 1.2 kilometres is slightly more difficult.

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When planning to complete the Long Marsh Dam four-wheel drive track, we recommend you are accompanied by another vehicle and carry recovery gear.

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  • Difficulty – Easy / Medium
  • Permit Req’d – No
  • Distance – app. 5 kms
  • Time – 1 hours
  • Carry – Recovery Gear
  • Travel Alone – NO


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