4WD Tips Tassie

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Tips Four Wheel Drive Tasmania

When visiting Tassie for your four-wheel drive adventure, be sure to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Respect the laws, rules, and regulations for Recreational Vehicles that apply to public lands in Tasmania. These will often be marked at the starting point of your 4wd track.
  2. Respect the cultural, heritage, and environmental values of public and private land. In some areas, there are high levels of Aboriginal significance, and where land owners allow four-wheel driving on strict conditions that care is taken and the land respected.
  3. Respect Tasmania’s flora and fauna. Stop, look, photograph, and enjoy but never disturb.
  4. Keep to formed vehicle tracks at all times.
  5. Keep the environment clean; always carry our own, and any other, rubbish out. When camping, stick to formed camping spots and never cut down native vegetation for firewood.
  6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce the environmental impact. Always be prepared, and never leave any mess from your vehicle.
  7. Adopt minimal-impact camping and driving practices.
  8. Always obtain permission before driving on private land, and never disturb livestock or watering points. Always leave gates as you find them.
  9. Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares, and a first aid kit on trips. In remote areas always travel with another vehicle and keep in radio contact at all times.
  10. Enjoy your recreation and respect the rights of others to ensure that Tassie can stay 4WD-friendly for generations to come.
  11. Plan ahead and lodge trip details with a friend, family member, or other responsible people as you may end p in areas with no mobile phone or radio coverage.
  12. Support four-wheel drive touring as a responsible and legitimate family recreational activity in Tasmania.