Southport Lagoon 4WD Track

southport lagoon 4wd track

Southport Lagoon Four Wheel Drive Track

The Southport Lagoon four-wheel drive track is a rocky track, totalling approximately 6 kms in length. For the majority of this track, you will need to engage low gear, high range and travel very slowly. The Southport Lagoon four-wheel drive commences  app.1km south of Ida Bay off the Lune River Road. If you intend to do this 4WD track you must be an experienced four-wheel driver. Off-road 4WD trailers are permitted but standard 2WD trailers and boat trailers are not permitted. Please note this track may close at any time during the year due to vehicles going off the designated track or after periods of wet weather which can cause unacceptable environmental damage or cause safety concerns We recommend you telephone Phone Parks and Wildlife Services Tasmania, Huonville Office of (03) 61217031 before attempting this track, especially during winter. Please also note that urgent track closures may occur on total fire ban days.

Southport Lagoon Track

If fitted, UHF channel 10 should be used to communicate with other track users on your way in or out of the lagoon. This is to enable you to choose an appropriate place to pull over
to allow another vehicle to pass. Visitors are asked not to drive in company or in convoys but rather spaced apart by several minutes to avoid track congestion and going ‘off track’ to allow others to pass.

Details Southport Lagoon Track

Start this track by first heading towards Hastings Caves from the small towns of Dover or Southport and continue on until you reach the end of the sealed part of the road. Head south towards Cockle Creek, and cross the level crossing of the Ida Bay Railway. THe road enters from the right – turn in to the track on the left which is the start of the Southport Lagoon 4WD Track.


Nil, but take care if there has been heavy rain and if there is a hih tide.

Carry recover gear, do not travel alone and carry UHF radio.

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There are a total of 10 individual campsites provided near the North West edge of Southport Lagoon – the maximum capacity of the entire campground is 40 people. Each campsite is numbered and camping must only take place at these numbered sites. Campsite bookings are not required; the maximum stay permitted is 7 nights. Visitors must carry their own water and rubbish bins are not provided. Please, therefore, take all your rubbish when you leave. Composting toilets are located at this campsite.

Details Southport Lagoon Four-wheel drive track

  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Permit Req’d – No
  • Distance – app. 10.5 kms
  • Time – 1+ hours
  • Carry – Recovery Gear
  • Travel Alone – NO
  • Carry UHF Radio (Channel 10)

Southport Lagoon Conservation Area Four Wheel Drive Track

Southport Lagoon is a popular destination for kayakers and canoeists; a designated dinghy launch point is located at the campsite. The maximum length of dinghies allowed is 14ft and the maximum engine size is 15 HP. Larger boats and boat trailers are not permitted. Vehicles can be parked in the day use area and dinghies must be carried to the water on foot. Posts that mark the lagoon’s deep water channels which should be followed to avoid damage to shallow seagrass beds. Personal motorised watercraft such as jet skis are not permitted.

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