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Collins Cap Trail

Collins Cap Trail Four Wheel Drive Track

The Collins Cap Trail is one of several located in the Wellington Ranges, just a short drive from central Hobart. A permit, issued through Parks and Wildlife Services Tasmania, is required.Wellington Fire Park 4WD Trail The track can only be driven one way to prevent damage being done to a steep section of this track.

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Track Details

Start of the Collins Cap 4WD track is at the junction of the East West Track.


This track is considered medium and is only 11 kilometres in length. It will only take you app. 30-minutes to complete.

When planning to complete four-wheel drive trails in the Wellington Ranges, we recommend you are accompanied by another vehicle and carry recovery gear.

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  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Permit Req’d – Yes
  • Distance – app. 11 kms
  • Time – .5 hours
  • Carry – Recovery Gear
  • Travel Alone – Ok

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Collins Cap Four Wheel Drive Track

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